About us

Sahari Organization for Development (SAHARI)

Sahari Organization for Development (SAHARI) is an environmental, humanitarian, voluntary,community based organization committed to human dignity and self-reliance. SAHARI originatedin 2005 and registered as national non-governmental organization (NGO) at the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) in 2016. SAHARI works to support livelihood of communities affected by conflict, drought and natural disasters including Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs), refugees, returnees and host communities. Working in cooperation with local authorities and governmental technical departments,Sahari focuses on food security and livelihoods, environmental protection, WASH, nutrition and health, providing sustainable high-quality programs, using resilience and capacity building approaches to promote the peaceful coexistence of communities.

Sahari strives to ensure the inclusion of all community members (women, children, men, youth, elderly and marginalized groups) without regards to race, sex, color, ethnic group and political affiliation. Sahari engages in strategic partnerships with UN agencies, private sector donors, civil society and other stakeholders to advocates on key issues of importance to the people of Darfur. Today, Sahari is one of the most active NGOs operational in North Darfur, providing relief interventions, livelihood assistance, social services, resettlement and stability programs to reduce the suffering of conflict and drought affected communities.

Our Mission

To contribute to the overall rural development of conflict and drought affected communities in Sudan,
Using environmentally sustainable solutions that give hope and dignity to the most vulnerable.
Empower our beneficiaries to enable them to have access to:
food security,
means of livelihood,
sufficient water,
adequate nutrition,
basic sanitation
primary health services
By doing so we are ensuring the socio-economic resilience and development of the Sudanese people

Our Vision

In the long term we aim to:
Building the resilience of the most vulnerable people
In order for them to live with dignity, hope and the feeling of empowerment
So that they are proactive in their own lives.

Our Strategy

Supporting the training in vocational skills and income generating activities
Awareness raising on natural resource management and environmental protection
Support training of the households on Essential Nutrition Actions
Supporting the communities to access clean, potable water and hygienic environment.
Supporting access to basic health
Empowering the communities through organizing and strengthening Community Based Organizations
Facilitating and promoting reconciliation and peaceful co-existence


The geographic focus of SAHRI program will be the rural and urban of ElFashir – Umm Keddadah North Darfur State, Zalingei Central Darfur State and Nyala South Darfur, Gadarif State and Kasala State. The agency will gradually expand to other States.


The range of our activities and experiences lies within our beneficiaries’ priority needs for Food Security and Livelihood, Environment Protection, WASH, Nutrition and Health services. The following are briefs on each of our engagement:


Our Partners

SAHARI is privileged to have opportunity of working directly and indirectly with the following international and national donor and support organizations



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