Food Security and Livelihood programs

Include provision of agricultural inputs, supporting vocational trainings and IGA for the most vulnerable households including female headed households, supporting animal vaccination and animal feeding, pasture protection and paravets training. The focus on FSL includes, environmental protection, through awareness raising programs to increase the understanding of people on effects of climate change

Water, sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)

Supporting the people to access safe drinking water, including access of their animal to enough water, through construction of new or rehabilitation of existing water sources. The WASH includes access to sanitation and hygiene by supporting awareness raising programs using CATs as a good approach to enhance communities in promoting hygienic practices


Our flagship nutrition program, works to prevent and treat malnutrition in children less than 5 years of age. We partner with the world Food Program (WFP). Our nutritionist trained specifically to provide high quality and access to nutrition services, particularly for women, infants and children, throughout all levels of the health care


In health SAHRI focuses on improving community access to health services to relieve pregnant women and lactating mothers from going long distances to look for medical services. Through supporting construction of health facilities in the rural areas, and provision of medical equipment’s and training of TBAs.


SAHARI focusing on basic education in the belief that education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change. In keeping with this focus, our volunteers are involved with and support projects that are secular and have an education-related component to them.

Women Empowerment

SAHARI works to empower the Women through 1) involving them in decision making structures by representation of women in the CBOs, 2) need assessment, 3) targeting them with income generating activities. The main objective of the women program is to ensure that women and girls have the opportunity to engage in economic